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Thailand, yes please!


I have always imagined myself traveling to foreign countries, seeing how the rest of the world lives, taking in their cultures, food, art and daily life. Of course, when a friend moved to England, I spent a few days visiting her and I thought, “well here we go”! My itch to travel more overseas instantly flourished in my first trip out of the US.

Granted I have been to Mexico before but traveling across seas is an experience that is beyond words. You must experience it first hand. Granted I realize not all trips are wonderful and yes like most travel you need to be cautious. But lets be real, thats life people!

I earlier posted about my trip to London and Paris, one which I will never forget. With out fail my need to see more our earth has to offer was in full bloom.

My brother in law had a friend visit, he lived in Bangkok.  He stayed with us for a week and upon leaving said whenever we wanted to come out to Bangkok we would definitely show us around.

How could we refuse?

I set forth in researching all the places we wanted to see while visiting. The Grand Palace, watching an ancient lantern festival called Loi Krathong, shopping, eating and of course heading out to an island.

Yeah, not to many events but this is the couple that stuffed in a helicopter ride, catamaran cruise and snorkel trip in a three day trip to Kaua’i. As you can tell we do not shy away from a busy itinerary on a vacation.


The Grand Palace

First here the Grand Palace was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Koh Samed Island

Koh Samed Island, not too far from Bangkok. Breathtaking display of natural life and how many untouched many parts of our planet there are.


Every woman’s and yes some men’s dream, shopping, shopping and more shopping! You can find everything from high fashion to dollar goods. Truly and great place to spend some money. I could go back purely to shop!

The fire show

How could I leave out the fires show while on the island. By far the most /dangerous thing I have ever seen in my life. These guys take playing with fire to another level. Totally would be illegal in the US. Loved every second of it!

For a bit I thought wow that was a great show and low and behold it was only the warm up. They than brought out 18 guys and put on a show I could never have imagined.

A MUST SEE when on an island in Thailand!

I could go on and on but trust me this is a beautiful country. I will leave you with traditional offering to the Buddhist monks along with a breathtaking Bangkok Sunrise, enjoy.

Sunrise in Bangkok


Good eats


Steak and greens, yum!

Mod Meals on Mendenhall


This January, I’m trying to do less and relax more. But, that also includes a healthy dose of time at the gym and hearty, healthy and homemade meals by the fire. With NY Strip Steaks on sale every Saturday at The Fresh Market, I can’t help but take advantage of the deal and make a variety of salads that fit the bill for January and also satisfy me on weeknights after the gym! This is the first of three salads for the season – stay tuned!

You can add or subtract anything from this salad – but I love the hearty addition on French green beans, red onion, sauteed mushrooms over hearty power greens (tender baby spinach, baby red and green chards, and baby kales!). Plus a hearty – but healthy – warm vinaigrette!

Warm vinaigrettes are easy to make and mix up your regular cold salad. I made mine…

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Our first child, Soy


This has been a rough post to start, work on and even get through. I have started, stopped and thought about it for several months now.

My first child came into my life rather quickly. Almost 12 years ago a family friend needed to find one of his two dogs a good home. At the time I was starting to think about getting a dog and my first thought was ‘I wanted a small dog’ but when I heard that he could no longer keep the two together I thought well let’s just see if I could handle a larger pet. She was a pit bull/boxer mix and just over a year old. At the time I was living by myself but my boyfriend (now husband) and I were going to look into getting one together. I told the owner that I would take her for the weekend and see how it went. At first I was concerned that she would be too strong for me to handle. But after two days I could not consider her leaving my home.

She was gentle, well trained and just the sweetest thing I could have ever of imagined.

I quickly fell in love and took her with me everywhere. She loved to sit in front of the heater soak up all the heat and sunbath at the first sign of the sun creeping out, my little heat mongrel. When we first got her she had an ear infection and a few skin problems. Of course we wanted to take as best care of her as we could.

Her skin issues continued and we were recommended to a specialist. Yes, many people thought we were crazy but we just knew that there was more we could do for her. It took a bit of time but we contained her allergic reactions and were able to maintain her allergies through medications. She grew to love her dermatologist, as did we.

She went with us on countless vacations. Fishing trips up north in the eastern Sierra’s, anniversary trip to San Diego and she even joined us on our quick honeymoon getaway to Santa Barbara. Truly everywhere we could take her she went.

When we first bought our home we were so excited to give her a large yard to run around in. She did do her part since we didn’t have a heater for our home she slept with us and was our personal heater to keep us warm.

We loved to take her on bike rides and she savored every second of it. After every meal she came into the living room and would give us her standard roll around on the ground on her back in enjoyment. Get up and do the whole body shake. This was the time of day that my husband and I would come from the other side of the house just to see her do this.

Those were just the small things she did to make our lives that much better. She taught us patience, family strength and more importantly she showed us how important it is to work together as a team for the better of our child. I never could have known when I first laid eyes on her that she would be capable of teaching me and giving so much back to both my husband and I.

Our lives will forever be changed because she was in our life.

November 6th of 2011 was when we first took her in to the doctor and just knew the signs she showed were not good. It took several doctor visits and tests, but was clear she had a form of cancer that was quickly going to take her from us. We did everything we could to ensure that her time left with us was pain free and enjoyed every moment we could with her.

I am writing this to be able to share her life. To let others including my future human children know that creatures of all shapes and forms can not only make an impact but mold our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

Soy, mine and my husband first child together will always have such a special place in our hearts and souls.

We love you Soy. You touched us, kept us strong and encouraged us to be better people. Till we meet again Linny.


London & Paris

2012/02/25 1 Comment

I spent 6 day 3 days in London 3 days in Paris, what did I do? Run!

I tried to get in as much as I possibly could in such a short time frame in each city, but I did fairly well! I was and am lucky enough to have friends in both cities so did not have to worry about lodging which was a huge plus. Except for not knowing how to use my friends key in London and having to wait until her boyfriend came so he could show my how to use the stupid thing, I had no problems with my visits other than that.

Tried to see if I could get a chance to see a live changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace but had to settle for a tour through the palace instead, yes rough time indeed! Truly stunning in every detail. They were also exhibiting a select few of the Queens dresses which were just works of art in themselves. I was able to go through the exact hall where all banquets and parties have been held in this beautiful palace.

Of course I had to have a pint with fish and chips. Yes, a very touristy thing to do but was fun none the less. Another item I could check off my bucket list. Was able to ride a double decker bus, mini scary when your on the second level and the bus driver drove it like a mini cooper! Many more things to do in London but when my friend said ‘Let’s go to Paris!’ how could I refuse?

We took the train just a short ride away and was more than impressed with the beauty/charm/dirty city that it is Paris. Yes, I said dirty, but I loved every part of it! This city should be on every travelers list of places to go. I guess my love for art and all that it stands for makes this city even better in my eyes. One can be inspired by every thing your eye’s touch. It’s not hard to see why people say they fall in love with this place. How could you not?

I tried to fit in as many museums as I could and brought back more books than any other type of souvenir. Yes, books! Books I realize my not have been the best idea since it was a very heavy suitcase on the way back but I will cherish every page.

In the meantime I will cherish the photos that I do have, unfortunately I somehow lost a ton of the photos off my SD card. Another lesson in backing up everything you can people. Now I do this religiously. Hence the post so that I will never loose them here 😉


Shopping fun


Gotta share a blog I was featured in, buying a rare Keith Haring bathing suit at one of my favorite boutique shops. Always scope the cool cat finds here.


Jewelry Designs – Pachamama



Awesome local designer and artist. Was lucky enough to be in a workshop when i first saw her work, stunning. Glad to share her blog with you.

Wonderful and inspirational just what I need in my life right now….

Silvia Peluso's Creations

This ring is featured in…

Belle Armoire Jewelry Winter 2014“><img


Mystical Metalsmithed, Electroformed Creation, Handmade, One of a kind, Freeform, Organic Flow, Earthy, Rustic, Retro

fun creating rings using traditional methods of metal smiting combined with my new venture of electroforming. For this Herkimer Diamond creation I used the metals of copper, brass, and bronze. The ring is antiqued and sealed so it won’t turn your fingers dark or green.

Ring Size: 7 (Do to its wide band I would treat it like a size 6 – 6.5)

Band Width: 16mm

Herkimer Diamonds unite body, mind, spirit, multidimensions, and consciousness into an intergrade whole. They work well as a multidimensional information highway. A powerful agent of transmutation and purification, Herkimer Diamond protects against electromagnetic smog and geomagnetic pollution. Herkimer’s transform the way you see the world. They aid you in creating within the physical…

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My new favorite veggie! We have been exploring several ways to cook brussels sprouts, so glad to find all this wonderful recipe. Best thing yet is that my husband is loving them, awesome!

Tried an awesome gargonzola stuffed date, wrapped in prosciutto, that turned out just perfect.

Rachel & Maya

I’m so confident in this dish that I can almost guarantee any brussels sprout haters will leave your table loving brussels sprouts.  They’re in season and a great addition to any dinner. With Thanksgiving around the corner, you’ll have time to do a trial run with this dish so you can whip it up, no problem, when it’ll count most.  I also learned, as I was typing this entry, that it’s brussels with an “s.”  Up until now, I’ve been saying and writing “brussel” sprouts. Wow.  Give me a minute to let this new information sink in.  Ok, I’m ok now.
I love that Trader Joe’s was selling this whole stalk for $2.99.  I counted 68 brussel sprouts. Even the cashier admired my stalk and said I got a good one!
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Serves 4
1 pound brussels sprouts (about 20 whole sprouts), washed…

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After Steve…


I first started my computing life familiar with Apple but for several years worked soley with PCs. Apple started to create the most intriguing designs. I knew then that they were headed down a different path then the PC world.

I would never had imagined what an impact that Apple products would have on my life. My first apple laptop the iBook G4 kept me going for eight years, and for those familiar with computers that is a long time! Of course had to have the device that started the hype, an iPod!! Which I still have (not sure if I will ever fill that thing up)

Held off on the iPhone, not quite sure why I held off for so long, but the iPhone 4 it’s self changed my life!!

Saved my pennies for the master of upgrades, an Apple desktop. Every computer should work as efficiently as my wonderful desktop.

So of course the iPad would be a must have since my now old laptop is being retired. I love this tool more and more each day.

It is amazing to think that in such a quick amount of time our lives could be changed by advancement not all by one man but people whom wanted more, wanted to push the boundaries.

Thank you Steve. Thank you Apple. Thank you to all the crazy ones. With out you I would not be inspired and have the drive to keep pushed the limits never give up and always be learning.

New York State of Mind


Wonderful display of music, goodheartedness, pride, and strength to give us on on this day. So many lives taken, changed, forever impacted in a matter of minutes. We as humans know and feel this. Thankfully humanity prevails and strengthens because of it. Proud as always to be an American, in our now global nation.

Think outside of the box…..


I share with you the latest designs I have come up with using one common piece. This is a great example of looking at anything and finding a few ways of making it your own and original no matter what you are working with.